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Top Phone Systems

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Business Phone System


With digitalisation of things nowadays, many companies are switching to telephone systems that will improve their business effectiveness. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a phone system for your business.


Determine your integration requirements in order to help you choose the right telephone system for your business. Decide whether you want your phone system to be integrated with your other systems like outlook and CRM solution. The virtual phone system is known to integrate well with other tools unlike the PBX system which does not mesh well with some digital tools. When you choose an easy to integrate phone system, your business is more likely to run smoothly.


Features available is the other important things to consider when looking for the best Avaya PABX UAE systems for your company. Various phone system have different features, therefore, it is important to know what features are necessary for your needs. Some of the features you would want in your phone system include; instant messaging, desktop and file sharing, call waiting, intelligent routing, automated answering and conference calling. For instance, the PBX system has a programmable switching device that enables incoming calls to be routed automatically to the correct phone lines.


It is advisable to consider your business future growths when deciding on the right communication system. IF you are looking to grow your business, make sure that the phone system is flexible and can easily expand to accommodate your needs. The IP PBX is a great solution if you want a solid, reliable and large-scale system while a virtual phone system is suitable if your goals are scalability, security and mobility. A system that cannot be upgraded will not be able to handle a higher volume of calls when the business grows.


You need to determine your connectivity requirements and find out if it will support the installation of the Office Telephony Abu Dhabi system. Also, ensure that the system requires simple programming especially if you don't have a technology team in place. You can also choose providers that are willing to provide you and your employees with training on how to install and handle the phone system.


Cost is a factor that will help you determine the right phone system for your gals and requirements. Due to the fact that it requires hardware installation, PBX installation cost can be high when compared to those that do not require hardware installation like cloud-based telephone system. Also, price may vary with different vendors, hence, you need to evaluate price comparison and choose the one that meets yours budgetary needs.