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All You Need to Know Concerning Office Telephone Systems


Challenges are identified on daily basis in the business sector and industry due to the harsh economic environment and climate. On the other hand, the world is experiencing dynamic changes in the technology industry. Therefore, your company should implement mechanisms and solutions to deal with the challenges of these evolutions. One of the affected areas is communication and customer relations.


According to PBX System UAE, you need to look for Office Telephone System that will help you overcome these challenges as well as move together with the changes in technology. One of such Office Telephone System is the PABX Phone System. According to Avaya Distributor Dubai, a PABX System Dubai is an Office Telephony Abu Dhabi that is a hybrid of the traditional and the advanced IP technologies.


Due to this fact, this Office Cloud PBX system offers advanced features that were not available in the traditional IP phones. According to Avaya Support Dubai, there are different types of PABX Phone System. These include the normal IP PABX, the managed PABX the virtual PABX and the cross PABX system. All these office phones use the basic PABX system to operate.


According to Avaya some of the common characteristics of these office phones include. Email voicemail notification, voice messaging, dial by name, automated and incoming calls routing, and call recording to voice mailboxes, graphical user interfacing, and voice recognition among other aspects. It is these aspects that make these phones ideal for both home and office use.


Advanced Avaya IP phones streamline calls that have been received outside business hours. They also allow for customer check-ins, order reviews and provide feedback to customers and clients. Apart from these features, there are other beneficial aspects that come with this IP Telephony UAE. These benefits include.


1. Simple administration.


This is one of the major advantages that come with these Avaya PABX UAE office phones. This is because all the IT headaches that were suffered during the installation of wires and wiring systems for the traditional IP phones are eliminated. These phone systems are networked and connected to your computer systems which make it easy to attend to a large number of callers from any region or continent in the world.


2. Cost saving.


This is another benefit that you will enjoy when using these Avaya Office Telephone Systems. This is achieved in various ways. First, when it comes to international calls, you can integrate this phone system to your computer making which allows for communication using the internet rather than credit or airtime. Seamless engagement with your employees and customers reduces transportation costs. The costs associated with purchasing and installation of these phone systems are also low. It also reduces IT overhead costs.